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Bluefields provides you with mobile ITC solutions for public safety. We have all-round solutions that not only include the software, but also the hardware and the computer-vehicle integration services.

CityGis and the Tactical Information Platform (TOP) are the perfect match for navigating the city and monitoring crowds.

Bluebeam for fire prevention

In 2015, cities and city councils adopted the digital Bouwloket (RWO Vlaanderen). All new petitions (o.a. plans) need to be submitted digitally.
The city councils need to manage and approve these documents digitally. Some early adopters, such as the fire prevention services, have experienced the benefits of our software to assist in this process.


Navigator (CityNav) combines navigation and information. It works on mobile computers or built-in car computers. It has been specially developed for the fire brigade, police forces and Ambu. CityNav can communicate via Astrid or 3/4G network with your dispatching system (CityGis, Abiware, EasyCad, EDL). You can add geographical maps, CRABS, Hydrants, pdf's or other objects.

To know more about how CityNav can help you, check our brochures:


Pronav is a Navigation environment designed for the Public Safety. It automatically captures the incidents coming from the different dispatching systems (Astrid/C.A.D, Intergraph, Debocom/EasyCAD, Abiware/Abidispatch,…)

Tactical Observation Platform (TOP)

The Tactical Observation Platform will help you reduce crime, collect evidence and monitor crowds, together with integrated image analysis.

Some of its excellent features are:
  • Alerting, via TETRA, SMS, GPRS or UMTS.
  • Integration with your mobile devices (tablet, smartphone).
  • Management of different data (video, images, map data, selection of targets).
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